Bollywood Tours India

Bollywood Tours India

Bollywood Tours India (BTI) is a division of Vikram Productions India.

Welcome to Bollywood Tours India

India is still the largest film producer of the world, producing an average of 1000 films a year. Since 1931, when the talkies were introduced, India has produced more than 67,000 films in more than 30 languages.

Today Bollywood - the Hindi cinema counterpart of Hollywood - is no longer catering to a limited audience, it has gathered a large worldwide audience, especially among the NRI's through its international quality along with the blending of east and west.

Bollywood has come a long way since 1896 when soundless movies made its advent into India with the Lumiere Brothers. "Raja Harishchandra" in 1913 made by the legendary Dadasaheb Phalke heralded the birth of the Indian film industry.Today popularly known as Bollywood certain rules remain unchanged in Bollywood - the Hindi cinema equivalent of Hollywood.

Actors still break into a song though the venue is a discotheque. As of today songs are played at weddings, festivals, nightclubs, cutting across the numerous ethnicities and lifestyles of Indians, as well as the Indian diaspora spread across the globe. Demonstrating that westernization need not affect the Indian identity.

Terms & Condition

Full payment is required to be made in advance to facilitate arrangements.

All payments are to be made in favor of Vikram Production India.

Incase of cancellation of the tour, there will be no refund and any payments received will stand forfeited.

Vikram Production India does not guarantee that the guests will meet celebrities, only a guarantee of seeing the shooting and other inclusions is given.

A tour is considered confirmed only after full payment has been received in advance.

Vikram Production India is not responsible for any mishaps, calamities, natural disasters or force majure or act of God.

Disputes if any are subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction only.

Guests are requested to cooperate with the personnel from Bollywood Tours India and also adhere to rules and regulations of the studio.

Guests are requested to remain silent during shooting or post production activities and ensure that they do not disrupt the proceedings in any manner.

Incase any guest has a medical condition or any ailments/allergies, we request you to inform us well in advance, so that we can take all possible measures to ensure that your tour is trouble free.

Certain studios do not permit photography. Please inform the tour guide before clicking any pictures.


A dedicated tour guide would accompany you throughout the journey, while providing you with interesting insights. He would also be happy to answer any queries you have with regards to Bollywood /sights/ recommendations/ trivia


Guests would be given privileged access to watch live shootings. These shootings would vary (feature film, ad film, serials etc.).

We do not guarantee or commit which shootings you will get to see, as this is decided impromptu by the production units and by the studio


Our tour guide will give guests a detailed insight on how the shooting works, the scenes that were enacted along with other interesting trivia

Guests must cooperate with the studio personnel and with the Bollywood Tours guide. Certain rules and regulations would need to be followed to ensure that we do not disturb/ disrupt the said shooting in any manner. All questions/ discussions may be done once the said scene has been completed.


Interact with technicians and take a behind the scenes look at green rooms/ make up rooms of celebrities (Subject to availability)


Whenever it is possible, we will click pictures with the actors.

We do not guarantee pictures with celebrities and actors, but we will do our best to provide you with memorable pictures of your ‘Bollywood Tours India’ experience


Guests have an opportunity to see live sets within the studio such as temple, gas station, police chowkey, jail etc. Guests can click pictures along with authentic shooting props which would serve as excellent mementos


Guests can take a closer look at post production processing such as visual effects/ SFX, dubbing, , mixing and animation


Guests will witness a live Bollywood dance performance with full costumes and props.Popular/ iconic songs would be selected to recreate the ideal rendition.


The tour package includes a lunch that recreates the experience of eating live at a Bollywood set. Alternatively, we also take guests to reputed fine dining restaurants.


A chance to see the abodes of the rich and famous - the icons of Bollywood.Whether it’s SRK’s Mannat, Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartments or the Big B’s ‘Prateeksha’, one can take a closer look from the outside.


Guests are dropped back to their respective hotels as they take back with them memories of the ‘Bollywood Tours India’ experience.

PLEASE NOTE :- Transportation/Vehicle facilities/ Lunch arrangements are optional. If guests opt for these facilities, they are charged in addition to the standard ‘BTI’ package rate.